Here are five key social media mistakes must to avoid

1. Picking a fight

Everyone loves to sit back and watch a fight on social media. But the key to keeping your audience (and your dignity) is to never engage in a social media flight with anyone.
2. Ignoring the community

The failure to listen to or nurture consumers—happy or angry—in a timely manner could prove to be detrimental to a brand. Because social media is such a critical form of communication for brands and consumers, a brand must invest in community outreach to make sure that customer relationships are being handled via social platforms.

3. Broadcasting the same message across all channels

Different networks will require a different quality of tone. Regardless of whether you’re managing a brand account with 500 million followers or a personal account with 200 followers, people gravitate to a certain platform for a specific type of experience. Video you’ve shot for a Snapchat story is not the same type of video you would put on your Facebook page. As a result, the same content often needs to be altered to suit a specific platform’s audience.
4. Sharing content that is “off brand”

5. Spreading yourself too thin

Creating a presence on every social platform is all well and good … until you need to manage them.



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