1.Different levels of consumer participation in social media use.

With the rise of the Internet, along with social networks like Facebook or Twitter form, the participation of consumers become more proactive. Consumers can now share their lives through social networks (Kosonen and Ellonen, 2012), with friends and family and even strangers experience in online opportunities.

First of all, we need to understand what a (brand) community is and how it is built. What makes it so special? A community is based on social relationships and forms around a shared admiration for a matter of mutual interest. In the case of a brand community the brand itself represents its centre. Members of such social networks develop a shared consciousness of kind, rituals and traditions, and a sense of moral responsibility for each other and the brand.
Once this first phase is completed, companies need to find a way to foster consumer participation and to motivate interaction in a virtual brand community. The aim of this step is not to create value for the company, but to fulfil consumers’ needs. There are different ways to achieve this: By encouraging consumers to create their own quality content, by creating a positive attitude towards the brand community, and finally by connecting and encouraging interaction amongst its members .
Companies can make use of this consumer creativity by involving them in their branding and product development process. They can try to give them an incentive to produce brand related content for their own benefits. In the last few years, many companies have tried to increase consumer participation in brand-related social networks by motivating consumer interaction.

As a final step, consumers need to be motivated to fulfil not only their own needs, but also to add value to the brand. By providing information that outsiders do not get access to or by providing first-hand information before anyone else, companies put an emphasis on the importance of their brand community. At the same time, they foster the sense of belonging and a feeling of being special in its members. In addition, companies need to bind their members and encourage participation in value creation.

Using the Groundswell categories, what type of social media users are you? Give your reasons and some examples.

I am a Joiner and Spectator. Because I often use facebook account carried mobile games. And I prefer to use facebook to share with the people understand the event, but will not take the initiative to write the blog.



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